“Foot Print,” cyanotype on paper, 2020, 46×24″

“Open to Interpretation,” cyanotype on tea-dyed muslin, 2020, 54×80″ [Available for Purchase]

“Crepuscular,” cyanotype on coffee-dyed canvas, 2020, 70×49″ [Available for Purchase]

Energy Is Neither Created Nor Destroyed, cyanotype on muslin with avocado dye, acrylic ink stain, cyanotyped bamboo thread embroidery, and braided fabric woven into muslin, 2020, 116×135″
“I OPened MY MouTh To LEt OuT (a.k.a cottonmouth),” cyanotype with embroidery on canvas, 2020, 43×31″
Ephemeral Whet, cyanotype on paper, 2020, 28×21.75
“Embryonic Stages 2, 3, 5, 8,” cyanotypes on paper, 2019, each 24×19″ [Available for Purchase]
“Nesting,” cyanotype on paper with small collaged cut out, 2020, 22.3×25.8″ [Available for purchase]
“Early Bird,” cyanotype on paper, 2020, [Available for purchase]
“Petals Pedals,” cyanotype on paper, 2020, 21.8×14.8″ [Available for purchase]